Do You Need Diesel Repair in Kingman? 3 Red Flags to Watch For

diesel repair kingman

You count on your diesel car or truck to get you where you need to be on time and safely. Taking good care of that engine allows it to take care of you, so keep an eye out for these three signs you need diesel repair in Kingman. While the cause of each could be a simple fix, letting them go for too long could cause more serious (and expensive) damage. 

The Engine is Hard to Start

When you’re having a hard time getting a cold engine to turn over, it could be as simple as a dead battery or a problem with your glow plugs. Or it could signal a problem in the fuel system. A clogged fuel line, broken fuel pump or dirty fuel filter can all interfere with your engine running normally.

The Engine Produces Blue Smoke

While uncommon, blue smoke coming from the engine suggests that oil isn’t where it belongs anymore and now it’s burning. It could be that the amount of oil in the engine is all wrong or the valves and cylinders that usually keep oil out of certain engine components have failed. 

The Engine Overheats

An overheating engine isn’t just a hassle because it makes your vehicle undriveable, the steam it generates is also dangerous. It can occur when your engine is low on coolant and can’t draw heat away from the engine, but it could also be a broken thermostat or a plugged up fuel injector. 

Are You in Need of Diesel Repair in Kingman and the Surrounding Areas?

Adan Repair & Towing has been providing drivers with diesel and auto service and repair work for more than 40 years. Our reputation for excellence is built on hard work and dedication in towing and recovery; truck, trailer and RV repair; and roadside assistance. Our advanced diagnostic tools and equipment, and fully stocked parts shelves ensure we can address all of your car and truck concerns quickly. Contact us today to book an appointment for expert diesel repair in Kingman.

Diesel Repair in Kingman You Can Count On to Get You Back on the Road Fast

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